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"Outlive Your Cubicle" health podcast Episode 2: Dr. Guillermo RuizNaturopathic physician and “30/30 Health Podcast” host Dr. Guillermo Ruiz joins us for this episode of “Outlive Your Cubicle”. Dr. Ruiz strives to advance naturopathic practices with an evidence based medicine approach. In this episode, we talk about a number of things in this interview — ranging from the perfect cup of coffee to nutritional recommendations for busy people at work. In addition, we get into the basics of thyroid and adrenal health and his groundbreaking research with botanical medicines to combat drug-resistant bacteria.

Dr. Ruiz earned his medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Central Florida. During college, he worked as an Advanced Clinical Technician at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. While there, he witnessed state-of-the-art care in emergency medicine but also learned of a larger health care system in disarray. He used this new perspective and a passion for evidence-based medicine to change his life. By changing his diet, learning about proper movement and implementing optimal lifestyle habits he was able to improve his health and find a calling in naturopathic medicine.

While at SCNM, Dr. Ruiz became interested in endocrine disorders with a focus on the thyroid. Under the mentorship of Dr. Alan Christianson, Dr. Ruiz expanded his knowledge on the treatment of Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease and has completed advanced endocrinology training in order to better address and resolve endocrine disease. He currently works at Integrative Health in Scottsdale, AZ one of the nation’s top naturopathic endocrinology clinics. He also continues his botanical medicine research at SCNM and the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to source, make and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee
  • Dr. Ruiz’s “hero story”
  • How naturopathic physicians look differently at your health
  • Work stress and what drives your cortisol response
  • What a paleo-style diet is — and isn’t
  • Thyroid and hormone health in modern life
  • The key to easy, consistent meal prep
  • Standing vs. sitting at work — and what’s even better than both
  • The future role of botanicals to treat drug-resistant disease

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