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Barry Kluger discusses grief on the "Outlive Your Cubicle" health podcastGrief affects us all.

In this episode of “Outlive Your Cubicle” we discuss the importance of grief and its curious nature in the workplace with Barry Kluger. He is a 40-year communications executive and an advocate for grieving families. In 2001, Barry experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when he suddenly lost his only child, Erica, in an auto accident. Since then, he has partnered with another grieving father, Kelly Farley, to advocate for the passage of the Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act. The proposed amendment to the Family and Medical Leave Act that would enable unpaid time-off to grieve the death of child.

Barry served in senior communications posts at MTV Networks, USA Networks and Prodigy Internet. And until his retirement in 2017, he was owner of Kluger Media Group, an independent crisis public relations agency. He continues to be a regular contributing columnist for the Arizona Republic, Huffington Post and GeocentricMedia Inc.

Barry and I discuss his journey through loss, how grief affects our health and why grief in the workplace is so challenging. We also get into grief in the context of recent events such as the Parkland shooting. In addition, you’ll learn what to say and not to say to someone who has experienced a loss and why it’s time to change the FMLA to support grieving families.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why Barry kicked off his retirement by driving Uber
  • Barry’s evolution from public relations executive to grief advocate
  • Erica’s story and how he moved forward after her passing
  • His book – A Life Undone: A Father’s Journey Through Loss
  • What you should and should not say to someone when they lose a loved one
  • Context of grief with current events such as mass shootings
  • Grief in the workplace
  • The transition between grief and celebration and how Barry keeps Erica’s memory alive today
  • What grief teaches us