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Important disclaimer: I, Dan Wool, am not a doctor, I just play one at medical school. 

Official one: This site is not meant to provide medical or health advice of any kind. Do not misconstrue any information that you read here as medical recommendation, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided here on this site is intended to serve as a communication of my experiences and to share articles and public material pertaining to health that I come across. It should in no way be interpreted as medical advice of any kind.  

That and this little ditty I copied off the AMA website: When it comes to medical advice, I don’t know sh*t.  (Yet).  Views expressed are my opinion. I opine. Anything else you may think without the express written consent of Major League Baseball is strictly prohibited. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

The Talking Points on what I dispense here are these:

  • Life advice: yes
  • Business advice: yes
  • Cubicle jockeying: yes
  • Interesting topics I find and comment on: yes
  • Uplifting quotes embossed on pics of beaches and seagulls: maybe
  • Medical advice: no No NO!  Primum non nocere people!

Here’s what I do know: You are an individual with individual genes that express themselves individually. Your doctor knows you. Therefore always ask your doctor about your health. A licensed medical professional. Or someone with scientific college degrees and certified with a rigorous, nationally accredited medically-oriented Board exam and clinical experience, such as a nutritionist or nurse practitioner or Richard Simmons.

  • Not some article you just saw on the Internet.
  • Not your multi-level marketing peddling friend on Facebook.
  • Not Google images of the disease you don’t have.
  • Not political activists.
  • Not weekend seminar-certified expert with letters after their names you don’t recognize.

They don’t know YOU. They know enough actual science to be dangerous – very dangerous. Few have clinical experience. And there is no illness worse than one you created yourself from your self-justified inaction or some “expert’s” well-meaning ignorance.

So for the next two years until I graduate — read all you want, debate with friends, investigate the reaches the Web, find credible sources and gurus — even WebMD and doctors who write online articles — then if and when you’ve scared yourself silly or feel compelled to make changes to your health, go see your doctor. And when that continues to disappoint you, see a naturopath.

I hope to be that person for you in a couple years.

Wool. Out.