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Cubicle Clinic is a blog that provides natural health and lifestyle ideas for people who spend their day at a desk.

My name is Dan Wool. And I want you to outlive your cubicle.

I spent 20 years in corporate life watching “healthy” people in the gray cubicles around me get heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, digestive issues and mystery illnesses. I even developed one – Celiac disease.

This led to a radical change in my health – and then as I helped others – a radical change in my career – a passion.

Now I’m a fourth-year medical student at Southwest College for Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. And I plan to get outstanding results for those in corporate life — especially if you suffer from stomach problems or low energy.

In my old life, I was the master of creating short talking points for CEOs and steering their companies clear of crises. Now I do it for you – to unlock root causes (stress!) and share the keys to a vibrant, healthy life.